Kids in Discovery School

A Ministry of First Baptist Church in Keller

The FBC K.I.D.S. program is blessed

to have a wonderful, qualified teaching staff. 

Because of the structure of our schedule, some of our teachers

teach more than one class and/or teach only on certain days.


-Want to know what kind of soda or coffee your child's teacher likes to drink? Just click on the Icon to the left of the Teacher's name to see their list of “Likes” 🙂

 Mrs. Kari R:  Lil' Tweets  M/W and T/TH

 Mrs. Misty:  Lil' Tweets  M/W  and  Ladybug  T/TH

 Mrs. Amanda:  Lil' Tweets  T/TH

 Mrs. Diana:  Honeybee  M/W and  T/TH

 Miss Jamie:  Honeybee,  M/W  and  T/TH

 Mrs. Jacky:  Sunshine,  T/TH

 Mrs. Lori T:  Sunshines,  T/TH

 Mrs. Nancy:  Ladybug,  M/W and  T/TH, Healthy Habits & Wellness, F

 Mrs. Kelly C:  Ladybug,  M/W and  Butterflies,  T/TH

 Mrs. Amy L:  Butterflies,  T/TH

 Mrs. Liz:  Owls,  M/W/F  and  T/TH 

 Mrs. Amy R:  Owls,  M/W/F

 Mrs. Deborah:  Owls,  T/TH

 Mrs. Sally:  Fish, M/W/F  and  T/TH

 Mrs. Lauren:  Fish,  M/W/F

 Mrs. Ashley H:  Fish,  T/TH

 Mrs. Ashley P:  Frogs,  M/W/F  and  T/TH

 Mrs. Heather:  Frogs,  M/W/F

 Mrs. Lori R:  Frogs,  T/TH

 Mrs. Donna M:  Lions,  M/W/F

 Mrs. Shirley:  Lions,  M/W/F

 Mrs. Linda:  Elephants,  M/W/F  and  T/TH

 Mrs. Chrys:  Elephants,  M/W/F

 Mrs. Tammy L:  Elephants,  T/TH

 Mrs. Robin:  Monkeys,  M/T/W/TH

 Mrs. Susan:  Monkeys,  M/T/W/TH

 Mrs. Beverly:  Pups,  M/T/W/TH

 Mrs. Keri C:  Pups,  M/T/W/TH

 Mrs. Sheri:  Music,   M/T/W/TH

 Mrs. Donna T:  STEM,  W/TH

 Mrs. Melissa:  Spanish,  M/T



Abbreviations: M = Monday; T = Tuesday; W = Wednesday;

Th = Thursday; F = Friday